Our Clients are actually the best!!

Emily & Aurora went above and beyond. I had no idea what to do and didn't know the best possible option to spend my money wisely. When they walked into my home they immediately projected vision and had the budget to meet my needs. They are the true meaning of the word visionary. I loved working with them and would love to some day work with Two Gals Interiors.” 

-Dan Eyman

"Emily and Aurora are such talented designers! They helped me furnish and decorate my home, paying attention to the small details and making sure it suited my style. If it weren't for their help, I would have no idea how to pick out decor and incorporate the pieces into my home so that it all tied together. The girls have a fresh and contemporary designer eye that transforms their projects into effortless esthetic perfection. I would highly recommend Two Gals and their services for those in need of small or large projects. Plus, the girls are super sweet and easy to work with."

-Catie Media

"Emily and Aurora were wonderful to work with. Our project was a simple color consultation, yet they afforded us as much attention as if we were dealing with a much bigger project. They were extremely responsive and made sure we made the most out of our time with them. Will definitely use them again if needed for future projects."

-Diana Diaz

"The home should tell the story of who you are and a collection of what you love".

— Nate Berkus

I hired Two Gals Interiors for our living room in our Goodyear, AZ home. From start to finish, the two were professional and enthusiastic about the job! The living room turned out Perfect and under our budget with no cutting corners! They are both talented and very passionate about what they do!! Highly recommend and I would hire again!!

-Michael-Ann McAboy

TGI is like Tom Brady, maybe not Super Bowl 2018, but Super bowl 2017. As a bachelor with a pad looking like the 2006 Cincinnati bengals - empty, but luckily due to furniture and not crime that left the roster empty. 

That’s when I needed a big play, in comes my trade for TGI to come help. Spruced up the bachelor pad into a thing of legends. 

These two are simply AMAZING! They weren’t the interior designers I deserved, but they were the ones I needed  

They were the 4Q Tom Brady I needed and delivering a win when down was exactly what they did!

I’m confident that now I will be picked up out of free agency 
1000000000/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND 

-Lance Robinson

"I loved working with them! They made my small project feel just as important as a large one. They were able to send digital concepts for the rooms I was looking to update along with a shopping list! They nailed the design I was aspiring! Their design skills and knowledge are remarkable. Very professional yet friendly. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an interior designer!"

-Caly Bassett