Obsessing Over - Organic Baby Space

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We’re obsessed with little babes spaces. We can’t help it!! The best part is that now and days we aren’t looking to be cutesy with matching nursery sets, we are actually creating small adult spaces! This is a room you as a parent will be spending A LOT of time in and guess who is going to remember how it looks, not your sweet babe, YOU! So style it for you! I love of course adding all the necessities for the babe but the actual aesthetic being like a second master bedroom!

This is the room you need to be calm and relaxed in so your sweetie can feed off that energy. So here are some of our faves to use in the nursery!


This rug will be the center of attention (other than your little human)! But come on this color is everything!!

There is nothing better than a simple crib that will grow with your babe alone the way. My favorite wood right now is this light oak because it is such an earthy gorgeous feel!

This is the all rage. The necessity to make baby feel comforted and you as a parent feel at ease letting your baby rest away securely! PLUS there are some seriously cure cover for this guy, so it’s a win win!

In love with the simplicity of this guy and can be layered with blankets and pillows. Even though we all know it will turn into a toy catch all eventually lol!

Again, when your big pieces are simple yet rich they can grow with your style and transition into the future! You’re accessories are where you can play with fun color and pattern because I know just as well it’s hard as hell to keep up with trends since it’s ever-changing! I love the fact that you can literally switch the entire vibe of the room just by changing up the pillows in the room! And it’s so damn easy!

Because you can’t not have a stand out light fixture in here!!!! I also added a sconce to the design above since I’d rather have the floor or table space for something fun! And the lighting features give a serious custom look to any space!


Why Adding Some Vintage is KEY

I feel like I'm never going to hear the words, "yes, I would love to spend top dollar for everything Em". Orrrr maybe you would but we totally believe in going thrift shopping and mixing with new! Lets talk about some serious character here!!


No one will have the same thing you have on that awesome bookshelf and guess what? They don't need to know that you got that entire top shelf for 20 bucks!! Now we can afford that Anthropologie pillow we are dying over because we bargained elsewhere 🙌🏻

Sometimes we don't give outdated pieces the time of day but just as in the world of fashion, WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND! It's all in being confident with what you are pairing! 

Let's see here, the design world is at its best in the fact that things don't have to make sense! Let's be creative and not think rules here!! Oh goodness I can't tell you that enough. I think we can all agree that we want our homes cozy and inviting so lets bring some warmth in this way!

We went through and found some really cool pieces to pair together or just top off our shelves in our Two Gals Shop! Here is the inspiration behind our madness!

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How To Fake a Green Thumb for Those Plant Killers

I'll admit it, I am a lover of all things greenery but boy do I sure know how to kill them!! I always have such envy over rooms that are filled with jungle life wonder and such lush plants! So naturally I find myself at the local nursery with at least 20 plants in my cart. Then there I am planting all of my new beauties in their pots and placing them carefully throughout my room. Well well well, three weeks later low and behold my plans are starting to wilt and brown. Sound familiar? It's tragic! Even the cactus that people say you can't kill is practically shriveled up.


-Yes this sadly depicts me and my wine a bit too accurately-

After my devastating discovery I knew that the answer was NOT to go with artificial plants. It just doesn't give the same look as real ones do! Right?! So I started doing some research and some lovely people had given advice on some of the easiest plants to take care of. This is why I am now sharing with you because it was so helpful!! (****Side note, they have come up with some AMAZING fake plants these days and we can totes source some for you if you are interested)!!

Coming from my industry of interior design it is highly important to know about plants because they are absolutely a must in the world of the decor these days. Each design that we create for our clients and ouselves are graced with at least three plants lol. Whether you're designing on a budget or money is no object plants are on the least expensive side yet give one of the boldest elements in a room.

So here we are, let's try to fake this together and see if we can keep our plants lush and vibrant as they should be!

Plant Tip - One of the most common plant killers is over watering! While we think we are helping them thrive we are actually drowning them! Before you decide to water stick your finger in the soil and make sure at least an inch is dry!

sourced from urban outfitters

sourced from urban outfitters

Pothos (I put this one first for a reason, I can’t kill this guy!!!) - These plants enjoy a wide range of environments. They do well in bright indirect light as well as low light and can be grown in dry soil or in vases of water. They will thrive in nutrient rich soil, but do almost as well in nutrient poor soil. So basically you can't go wrong here! It's like a weed but this time we are all over it!!

Idea - This is the greatest plant for those hanging pots! This will grow and dangle down perfectly! Especially when they are in front of a window. Mine grew a foot within a month!!!

sourced from thevintagerugshop.com

sourced from thevintagerugshop.com

Fiddle Leaf Fig - This is my all time FAVE. I would use it in every design because it knows how to magnify a rooms beauty! These plants are often over looked as a hard plant to keep alive but really all it needs a the right amount of sunlight! If it gets too much it may start to fade so try shifting it away from the direct sunlight if you see this happen! 

PLANT TIP - Keep the instructions that come with each plant you purchase! Just tape it under the pot for a little refresher on the best care for your pant!

sourced from pop sugar.com

sourced from pop sugar.com

Philodendron - Love love love the vibrance that this plant gives to a space! This plant comes in many form but can really withstand neglect! Here is one that has some split leaves giving more of a tropically vibe!

Sourced from Roguewoodsupply.com

Sourced from Roguewoodsupply.com

Spider Plant - This modern looking plant is definitely a great visual interest to any space! Pair it with a softer plant and you have a great combo! These plants do well with evenly moist soil and neutral lighting conditions. So keep it in a room with some natural light and water regularly for a happy guy!

PLANT TIP - Add rocks to the bottom of your pots for the best drainage! This will help the plants hold the right amount of water!


Dracaena - These plants are so unique and the perfect plant to spruce up your floor! Keep it dry and in more of a warm area you are gold!

And of course…. THE cactus.

Let's not forget about our lovely succulents and cactus! These truly are easy care because they don't need to be watered as much as your average plant! I think we all know this but just in case for those of you who are just starting this greenery journey!! Hope this blog helps and we will be posting soon some of our favorite plant combinations and how to get that effortless jungle look! 

sourced from apairandasparediy.com

sourced from apairandasparediy.com

sourced from amberinteriors.com

sourced from amberinteriors.com


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