6 Actual Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Well hello there, we are writing this blog post not because we are interior designers trying to sell our service but because we really want to lead you in the direction of having an awesome home! Interior designers can get bad rep and that's just a thing of the past! 


We will keep it short and sweet as to why it's the coolest thing ever to hire an interior designer!! Ok maybe not the coolest.. but maybe up there!


Need I say more?! Ok I will though. It's the inevitable when choosing your materials, whether it be flooring to furniture, you can make costly mistakes. Even though you are paying for a service, designers lead you in the right direction with our expertise. We went to school to be able to create spaces that add value to your home and keep you honed in on what is important to upgrade and what is not. We are trained to be able to give anyone what they desire on any budget.

We Save you Time.

We all have our things going on between work, fam, and friends right?! Sometimes we get over excited and start a project only to leave it hanging for weeks on end! Well guess what, TIME IS MONEY. We sort, we shop, we manage to keep you and your project on track! We guide you in the right direction at all costs and help you keep that line of vision for the end game! It's hard to stay focused on all the pretty materials out there, trust us we know!!! 

We Have Cool Secret Discounts.

Ok maybe not so secret but hello! We are in the trade, which means trade discounts on all your fave retailers!! We can even find you specials that aren't open to the public! Right on!

We give you a vision.

Some of us were born lucky enough to have the ability to see a 3D vision when walking into a home! We hear your wants and needs then create a preliminary example of your home before you even purchase! This saves time and money right there! Bam!! We know how to give you the best functionality while giving your home the character that it deserves. This living room below was filled with nada by the way!!

IMG_3069 2.jpg

We Bring your Pinterest Board to Life.

Don't lie, you have home goals on Pinterest or any other awesome inspiration sites. No matter what, your home is the place that you spend most of your money and time on. This place represents you and all who live in it. Imagine being able to have that perfectly styled home that you just can't put your finger on knowing where to start. You know what you want but we help you actually achieve it with our expertise.

We Have Passion for the Potential of your Home.

This is our baby. Seriously, this is what we went into business for!!! We want you to-

  • be reflected in your home

  • have the most bang for your buck

  • to have your dream home no matter what budget you have

  • be proud of your home and have kick ass parties

Liiiiike what the heck to do with this odd nook?! It has so much potential we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 6.48.59 PM.png

Ok done rambling for now, thanks for reading and hope that gives you some interior designer faith!!

Your design BFF’s,


How We All Relate Fashion to Interior Design

Hello Hello Hellooooooo,

We all choose our outfits based on what makes us feel best in and what reflects our style most. When we feel GOOD in our outfits and when you are having a superb outfit day, I know you feel more confident with yourself!! It’s the inevitable whether it be at work or a fun friend day date we feel most comfortable when our style is on point. Alright now here is my point, your home should reflect who you are just as your fashion does!!!


If someone were to walk into your home, they should know that it’s yours. How fun that you can express yourself in the place that you reside in and spend a good majority of your life in! What’s important is to find pieces that are unique to you and make you feel good to see on the daily. Often times we are drawn to ideas that are trendy or pre-done but is that really you? Maybe, maybe not. Lets take a moment to remember that this is for you, this is your investment. 

Just as you are picking out an outfit, it’s flattering to you and your liking! You’ll also be surprised to see that the colors that you love to wear most and colors you are drawn to in your home decor! For instance, I love my jeans and a black tee! Well those are definitely my go-to accent colors! What colors are you drawn to? Do you prefer eclectic or contemporary? Clean cuts or frills?

As interior designers we are hired to make our clients happy and the main way we do so is to create a YOU space. That’s our main goal and this is the best job to be able to create beautiful spaces that reflect so many amazing personalities. We flourish when we are inspired by our surroundings so remember not to neglect that and let’s find some amazing ways to express ourselves!

Here is a way we express ourselves through warm tones and natural desert-y vibes! And of course we all have our grunge, bun in hair days just like our homes when we just don’t have the time to clean! We’re only human damn it!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.52.38 AM.png

Want some inspo?! Here are some photos of awesome bloggers and interior spaces that just nail the whole aesthetic that has some serious reflection of their personal style!

Camel and black inspo for dayyysssssss. pics via pinterest and amber interiors.

Camel and black inspo for dayyysssssss. pics via pinterest and amber interiors.

You guys our fave colors to accessorize with are your nautal greens and warm red yaasssss!!! Pics via pinterest

You guys our fave colors to accessorize with are your nautal greens and warm red yaasssss!!! Pics via pinterest

Insta is our fave way to express ourselves too, and the coolest home trends from what yours truly think ;)


Emily and Aurora

Why Adding Some Vintage is KEY

I feel like I'm never going to hear the words, "yes, I would love to spend top dollar for everything Em". Orrrr maybe you would but we totally believe in going thrift shopping and mixing with new! Lets talk about some serious character here!!


No one will have the same thing you have on that awesome bookshelf and guess what? They don't need to know that you got that entire top shelf for 20 bucks!! Now we can afford that Anthropologie pillow we are dying over because we bargained elsewhere 🙌🏻

Sometimes we don't give outdated pieces the time of day but just as in the world of fashion, WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND! It's all in being confident with what you are pairing! 

Let's see here, the design world is at its best in the fact that things don't have to make sense! Let's be creative and not think rules here!! Oh goodness I can't tell you that enough. I think we can all agree that we want our homes cozy and inviting so lets bring some warmth in this way!

We went through and found some really cool pieces to pair together or just top off our shelves in our Two Gals Shop! Here is the inspiration behind our madness!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.30.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.56.55 AM.png
Cynthia living .png

Photo Cred in Order

Amber Interiors // Local Milk // Desire to Inspire // Two Gals Interiors // Two Gals Interiors // Pinterest

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Em & Rora