the new neutral

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t know how to blog!! But I do know interior design and photos that inspire me daily so that’s the intention of these!! The reason we get up in the morning is to be able to share inspiration and give people to opportunity to be excited about their homes!

It’s funny to see how when I am searching for new design trends and I see a lot of our influence is from other countries. This to me is extra cool knowing that the designs that are coming in are bringing new cultural elements to our homes! This new color is the creamy clays that are bringing comfort and warmth in a luxurious way! Who would of thought pink would actually be high end?? I am not mad!

I may have actually had a few tears rolling when I came across this modest retreat of bold craftsmanship in Spain!


Would ya just look at these stairs!!!!


By Yatzer

Ok this next one made me want to go rip all my tiles out of my home! My fave part about this is the brick wall with those terra cotta oblong tiles! GOALS.


More With Less

I don’t think this needs an explanation here, just visually enjoy!


Aaaand here are our tiles of the moment -

You Guys…this tile from Cle’ is seriously giving us the feels right now!

This Clay Bisque tile from the Tile Bar gives a little sheen while having all the natural vibes


Even if you can't use it structurally, here are our favorite ways of it being used through furniture and accessories!!

Like a sofa..are you kidding me?! Soooo good. I’m also looking at that perfect peach peeping on the swivel chair!

Let’s Paint a wall! Even faux painting is dreamy!! Yes, its back!!!


50 shades of perfect pink. Just use it all ok??


Let us know what inspires you and what you would like to see more of!! We have answers and would love to hear from you :)