How to Create the Perfect Eclectic Collage (without overthinking it)

Well helleerrrrrr,

Everyone loves a good collage wall right?! But how do we get that effortlessly perfect look without making it seem forced? Oh ya, I know you do, its definitely one of our top questions we get!! Here we are to tell you that the number one thing you are doing wrong is overthinking it. Take that band poster and that vintage framed mirror and put those babies together! Heck, let's go ahead and throw in that family portrait too! We are so about mixing and how amazing it is to see this effortless style come into play when you just let go of the idea of perfection.

Everyone has different styles and likes so embrace what calls to you! One thing to always remember add something into the collage to break it up. For example, adding a unique macrame will bring new texture giving your wall some depth! 

LAYOUT TIP: Start by hanging one piece in the middle and working your way out, this will bring balance to the wall. If you are looking for a more clean collage wall, measure out about 2" in between each picture so they are close and cozy! On the other hand of wanting a more eclectic wall, vary with hanging pictures 1" to 4" away from each other.

Check out this one we did below! Such a fun way to display all our clients rock bank posters and see what we did there with the small wicker mirror?! Lol 

Two Gals Interiors Original Design

Two Gals Interiors Original Design

Hanging plants is our fave way to top off a collage wall! Here is another project with the same client that we just adore!

Two Gals Interiors original design

Two Gals Interiors original design

Now, if you are look for a bit of a cleaner look check out this next tip!!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.35.15 PM.png

****Design World Update **** Design has changed in a way that is good to break the rules!! We are’nt in an era that we want to go to the store and buy matching sets of furniture (my actual nightmare)!! It’s funny how by mixing and matching you actually get a design that looks like it was truly meant to be!! This does NOT mean that you have to have a jungle, boho, extravagant-ly eclectic look but it teaches you to step outside the box a bit and let your character shine!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.52.47 PM.png

Now, a collage can also just be two really cool prints paired together! This creates a more minimal look if you don't wish to have a lot of small items! The pictures DO NOT have to be the same size!! Keep them in the range of up to 6 in though so it doesn’t look too off.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.54.29 PM.png

Let us know what your favorite way to top off a collage is!! Or other things we can show and teach you!!