Barstools Under $100 (Our Go-To's)

We’ve rounded up some barstools that we constantly source for our clients. We love a good piece at an affordable price! Check out how we styled each piece and let us know which one is your fav!


Barstool 1. The Rattan bold piece that brings warmth, texture and a boho vibes to any space!

How we styled it: There’s no wrong or right way, paired with a bold printed rug, a handful of fresh greenery and faux fur throw!

Barstool 2. Wood and metal mix bring such a fun twist! The industrial appearance is soften with the gold which makes this piece so functional!

How we styled it: The piece is already busy, to balance the space, we paired it in a black and white setting with gold accents and plenty of greenery!

Barstool 3. Gold and minimal this barstool is oh so pretty and feminine!

How we styled it: Don’t be fooled by this gold dream, this can most definitely be paired with so many finishes, you can always mix metals too! We paired it with a marble countertop and white cabinets for a soft pop. This also pairs nicely in a darker setting! Think black cabinets! Oh My Wow!

Barstool 4. Can’t go wrong with sleek black! The awesome part is, these stools come as a set!

How we style it: Another neutral that goes with anything, we styled these in a kitchen with butcher block countertops and olive green cabinets, its such a playful vibe adding a matte back! Always add greenery and vintage accents to bring any look together!

Barstool 5.